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How do I store your products?

Our products are 100% free of chemical preservatives and other additives. We also do not fry our products or use added oil. This makes them great for health! It also sometimes leads to lower shelf lives or some particular ways to store them. Do take a look at the mentioned shelf life while ordering your products. Also, please read more for instructions on best ways to store your products


At room temperature, store in a paper bag, cloth or basket. Slice only when you are ready to eat them in order to not dry them out and consume within 3 days.

If you would like to extend the shelf life of your breads, please slice and freeze it. This will enable you to store for more than a month. Pull it out and defrost as needed. 

If you refrigerate, the bread will dry out.


Snacks delivered in paper bags are stored in airtight containers till your doorstep. Once opened please ensure they are stored in airtight containers always to retain their crunchiness for the shelf life of the product. 

If you are buying the snacks in glass jars, yay! Thank you for using reusables. Feel free to store


Our sweets tend to have a pretty high shelf life because there is no added water in them. They are usually a mixture of dry fruits, nuts, dates and spices.


Do refrigerate on arrival and consume within the stated shelf life. If you want to preserve it for longer, feel free to freeze it in batches.

Why are your products expensive compared to other similar products?
  • Unfortunately, unhealthy ingredients and chemical farming are subsidized by the govt. Therefore, such ingredients are cheaper. Your health is of foremost importance to us. We don't use cheaper ingredients like sugar, Maida, oil etc...instead we use chemical-free whole grains, dates, and whole nut butters etc to make our products.
  • We need a larger quantity of ingredients when we bake our snacks. For eg., to make 200 g of deep fried snack we would need a lesser quantity of ingredients, as oil accounts for a lot of the weight whereas when we bake we need more than 200 g of ingredients as baking removes moisture from the ingredients to give it the same crunchiness as a deep fried snack. 
  • We have ethical sourcing practices, paying our partner farmers a very fair price for their products, empowering them to grow chemical free.
  • Our team members are also well supported and paid respectably to ensure that they and their families are able to sustain themselves.

All Sampoorna Ahara initiatives are social enterprises. This means that no one person profits from them. All profits go towards growing the impact further and enabling more people to eat healthy and cook healthy.
Are your products 100% free of animal products?

Proudly so! We are rather strict about making ethical choices that do not impact the planet negatively as well as reaping the benefits of consuming plant based products. 

Do you use honey?
No. Honey is an animal product and isn't good for health either. It converts to blood sugar a lot faster than something like whole dates that also has fiber.
Do you use any sugar?

We don’t use any white cane sugar/beet sugar or syrup, or any other form of refined sugar that will spike your blood sugar levels too fast. Most of our sweet products are sweetened with dates or other whole fruits where we retain the fiber instead of extracting just the sugars.

Some products have a small amount of Erythritol in it. For more information on this, please see the question below.

What is erythritol?
Erythritol is a naturally derived sweetener that unlike cane sugar, coconut sugar or jaggery has zero calories and doesn't impact one's health in any way. 

Here is more information on this if you would like to learn more. 

We use less than 10g per serving if we are using this sweetener. 

Why are you not sealing your material in plastic?
We try our best to be sustainable. Where we can, we use reusables or fully compostable material. Right down to the backs of our stickers and where we source our materials from. We therefore do not seal in plastic. For information on how safe this is, please see our message on what we are doing for the covid pandemic.
How is sourdough bread made? How is it different from normal bread?

If you are interested in learning how to bake these breads, feel free to write to us at for information on when our workshops happen. In the meanwhile, here are a few interesting bits of information. Sourdough refers to a way of fermentation. It is slower than normal bread baking. Our breads have fermented for a minimum of 10 hours before we bake them.

They are a little sourer, and therefore a lot more flavourful than your average loaf of bread. Also, since we use 100% whole grain, our breads are hearty and filling. 

Why are your breads and cakes not as light and fluffy as normal store-bought products?

Because we use whole dates as our major sweetener and use whole grains to make our breads and cakes. While they keep them a bit denser with all the healthy fiber intact, they taste great and more importantly leave you feeling great.

How are deliveries made?

Once we have your order, we coordinate with the various production teams to confirm the next possible date. The delivery team then identifies the next available delivery slot for you. Our aim is to ensure the products reach you as quickly as possible after production. Our delivery staff bring these products to your doorstep with as much care as they are made with.

When can I expect my delivery?
We usually deliver within 2-4 days of your order, however, it can sometimes take up to 7 days. Do let us know in the notes if you need it on a particular day and we will try to make that happen.
Can I come visit your shop?
We do not have a storefront right now. Only a kitchen where we don't encourage visitors in order to maintain a high hygiene level. The moment we are able to have a storefront, we will let you know! :)
What if I have a nut or gluten allergy? Can I eat your products?

Please let us know in your comments when you place your order. We will take extra precautions with your products. However, if you have a severe allergy please write to us before ordering to check if your desired products can be made suitably. 

Why is oil not used in any product?
Oil is a refined food product devoid of fibre. We instead use whole nut butters.
How do you make snacks without oil?

We bake our snacks at low temperatures using whole grains, lentils and spices and peanut butter instead of using oil.

Can we return glass bottles if we buy using the sustainable package option?
Yes, if you choose to, please email and we shall pick up untampered glass jars on your next order delivery. We will be deducting a small cost for cleaning and reuse of the bottles and provide you coupons for the pending bottle cost which you can use for your subsequent purchase with us.
Are your products organic?
We source most of our products from our sister enterprise ( They work with chemical free and natural farmers. Sometimes, our ingredients are sourced from certified organic producers, but more often than not, they come from trusted small holder farms who don’t use chemicals, but also can’t apply for certification because of the size of their farms or for economic reasons.
Where do you source your chemical free ingredients from?

We source our chemical free ingredients from Farm Fresh Bangalore.

What other WFPB foods do you make other than sweets, snacks and breads/condiments?

We have WFPB meals and smoothies delivered twice a day all over Bangalore city. Do check out and for details.

If you don't use dairy to make your sweets, what do you use?

Our sweets are made mainly with nuts, dates and spices. 

What is your refund policy?

Our intention at is make the healthiest possible food. We understand that people's tastes differ and that expectations are sometimes different. We also understand that we might sometimes make unintentional errors in delivery or production. Please reach out to us at if you are having any difficulties. We are always happy to take the time to do what we can to help.

In the event that you are displeased with the products you buy from us, we will refund your money or offer your a replacement after doing due diligence to understand what the error was and to see if we could have prevented it. Please be prepared to explain the exact issue with us, with a picture if needed.    

Please read the descriptions of each product before buying it, it provides all the details about the services or the product you purchase.

In case of dissatisfaction from our services, customers have the liberty to cancel their orders and request a refund from us.
Cancellation Policy

For Cancellations please contact us at

Refund Policy

We will try our best to create the best experience for our customers.

In case any customer is not satisfied with our products we can provide a refund after communication with us about the reason for dissatisfaction.

If paid by credit card, refunds will be issued to the original credit card provided at the time of purchase and in case of payment gateway, payments refund will be made to the same account.

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